Destination – The Finish Line: Equal Opportunity

The city of Dayopolis built a huge racetrack to give everyone the opportunity to have a chance at the million dollar prize.

The rules were drawn up as follows:

-The race is open to anyone who can drive.

-A driver can only race once in his/her lifetime.

-The driver must bring his own car.

-All injuries and damages are the sole responsibility of the driver; the Dayopolis Destination Race Corporation will be held harmless.

The first race drew enthusiasts from all over the world with a huge variety of vehicles. Mean, lean, racing machines sped around the track while souped-up golf carts seemed to inch along. There were many accidents, but Dayopolis Destination Race Corporation executives didn’t care. They clearly had no liability and they were making lots of money on refreshments and spectator tickets.

Within a few years, only the fastest, best and most expensive cars entered the race. The dreams of Everyman A. Racer went up in smoke. He quickly realized that the race was not for him, only for the very lucky and the wealthy.

Public education in America is heading down the same race track. We spend over two hundred million dollars on one high school and still have students in buildings that should have been condemned 50 years ago. Some students have every advantage, while others can’t even see, but have no one to pay for their glasses. The Congress cannot agree on a new law, so student loan rates are going up. The middle class is being squeezed out of more opportunities.

Public education has taken one step forward and two steps back in rectifying the savage inequalities that Jonathan Kozol wrote about in the 1991. Good schools from kindergarten through college are becoming out of reach for all but the wealthy, the ones who can afford the great race cars.



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